Friday, March 3, 2017

Git Cheat Sheet


A. To List your local branchs :
  •   git branch

B. How to get or fetch a remote  Branch 
   You first need to fetch and check out the remote branc
  •    git fetch remote remote_branch_name (eg :  git fetch origin story2525/mytest_remote_branch)
  • git checkout remote_branch_name

C. How to delete a  Branch both locally and remotely:  

1. Delete the  remote branch   
  •   git push origin :branch_name or
  •   git push origin --delete branch_name

2. Delete a local branch
  •   git branch -d branch_name   (use -D if your branch hasn't been fully merge yet)         

D. How to rename your remote Branch : 

1. Rename branch locally
  • git branch -m old_branch new_branch

2. Delete the old remote branch   
  •   git push origin :old_branch            

3.  Push the new Branch  and update the upstream to point it to the new remote branch.
  •  git push --set-upstream origin new_branch
E. Git Logs :

git log --oneline | grep searchString
git log --pretty=format:"%cn committed %h on %cd"| grep searchString

F. Force Push :
 git push origin refactor/mybranch —force

G: Change the remote
git remote set-url origin <>

H. Ammend message for a committed and pushed changes
 git commit --amend 
To push the changes to the branch (myBranch) on the remote repository (origin) use: 
git push --force-with-lease origin myBranch

H. Reset your branch to origin version, revert all your local commit and changes.
Plese stash your changes before you do it. git stash

git reset --hard origin/yourbranch

 I. undo the last commit and unstage all the files:

git reset HEAD~;

j. Undo the commit and completely remove all changes(Becareful !)

git reset --hard HEAD~;

K. Undo previous merge:
check the previous log :
git log
Then revert back the merge  corresponding to the commit hash
 git revert -m 1
And finally push your changes:
git push

L. Roll Back your git push
git push -f origin last_good_commit_hash:yourbranch

 example : git push -f origin 4d875f7e3e8:develop


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