Saturday, June 7, 2008

Free Java Technology Cources!

Dear Readers,
If you are interested with free online courses on java technologies, could be a good platform for you. Shan Shin teaches the courses. Sang Shin is presently working for Sun Microsystems as a Technology architect, consultant, and evangelist. After a successful completion of any courses you are awarded with the Certificate from java passion. I suggest you all to register for at least one source at a time. Detail about the schedule and courses can be seen at the course home page. Currently he is offering the following courses and all are totally free.

  • Java Programming (with Passion!)
  • Performance, Debugging, Testing, Monitoring, and Management (with Passion!)
  • Java EE Programming (with Passion!)
  • Ajax Programming (with Passion!)
  • Web Services Programming (with Passion!)
  • Sun Java System Identity Manager (with Passion!)
  • Java FX Programming (with Passion!)
  • JRuby on Rails (with Passion!)
  • Groovy and GRails (with Passion!)
  • Java ME Mobility Programming (with Passion!)



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